Endesa - Great Island Power Project

Endesa Ireland was established as an operating company on 8th January 2009, following Endesa's acquisition of certain generation assets from the Irish state utility, Electricity Supply Board (ESB). The sale was signed in Dublin following approval from the appropriate regulatory bodies.

The assets purchased comprise 1,068 MW divided up between four sites, Great Island in Wexford, Tarbert in Kerry, Rhode in Offaly and Tawnaghmore in Mayo.

This acquisition presents Endesa with the environmental challenge of improving the efficiency of current plants and the construction of new ones with cleaner generation technologies. Endesa are developing an industrial plan for repowering and improving the efficiency of the plants it has acquired.

The project assessed within the environmental impact statement on this website involves constructing a new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine generating station on the existing generation site in Great Island, Co. Wexford.  The new plant will be built as a replacement for the existing heavy fuel oil power station that is currently in operation on the site.  The new development will demonstrate significant improvements and a substantial increase in operating efficiency over the existing development.  In order to assess the impact of this project Endesa Ireland has brought together a broad-based collaboration of highly skilled and experienced engineers and environmental consultants experienced in the permitting, licensing and engineering of power generation facilities both in Ireland and abroad.